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Selling a Property

  1. Sump Pump Inspection
    • A sump pump inspection must be completed and in compliance with section 7 Article V of the Elmhurst Municipal Code prior to obtaining transfer stamps for the closing of the property. The City of Elmhurst requires a Sump Pump inspection for every property (residential and commercial) within the city prior to closing. There are some exceptions for Condo complexes.
    • In order for the sump pump to be compliant it must meet but not limited to the following requirements:
      • The sump pump pit must have a cover
      • It is not permitted to have anything other than stormwater draining into the storm pit; for example, you cannot have any bathrooms, washers, or utility sinks draining into a storm pit.
      • If the sump pump drains overland it must drain into the middle of the front or back of the property. It cannot drain onto a neighbor’s property either in the back or side yards. It also cannot drain onto the city sidewalk or parkway.
      • If a sump pump drains underground it must be connected to the city storm sewer and not the sanitary. Connecting to the city sanitary is considered an illegal connection.
      • A sump inspection is not required if the home is in an unincorporated area. An unincorporated address always includes a letter in the number; for example 16W212.
      • Sump pump inspections done through RJN are not accepted. These are two different inspections.
      • If you should fail a sump pump inspection you will need to fix the sump pump and reschedule the inspection with the City prior to obtaining transfer stamps to close on the property. We will not accept a legal letter and there are no exceptions to this.
      • If you should pass the sump pump inspection you will receive a certificate of compliance onsite. The certificate will note the expiration date. You can bring the certificate to the City Hall Finance counter to obtain your transfer stamps. You cannot proceed with this step if the sump pump inspection is not approved.
    • You can schedule a sump pump inspection by contacting the City of Elmhurst at: (630) 530-3030. Please do not leave a request for inspection on voice mail. We require someone over the age of 18 to be available for the inspection. When booking the inspection we will need the address, owner’s last name, name & number of the person that will be onsite for the inspection.
    • Our inspections can book up quickly and the odds of getting a same-week inspection are very low. We suggest scheduling an inspection at least two weeks prior to closing. An approved sump pump inspection is good for 6 months.
  2. Transfer Stamps
    • When selling a property in the City of Elmhurst you will need to pay for transfer stamps. You will not be able to close on your property without these stamps.
    • A Real Estate Transfer Tax Declaration form will need to be filled out and sent to the City of Elmhurst prior to obtaining the stamps. You can find this form
    • All current debts (not including the final utility bill) due and owing to the City with respect to the property and customer must be paid in full to obtain transfer stamps.
    • You must submit the transfer stamp form request at least 72 hours prior to submitting payment.
    • Transfer Stamp forms will only be accepted in typed format; handwritten forms will not be accepted.
    • You can submit the transfer stamp form via email at:
    • No action is required by the City if this is an exempt (refinance, transferring into a trust, etc.) transaction. If the State of Illinois considers it an exempt transaction, the City will also.
    • It is the seller's responsibility to purchase transfer stamps.
  3. Final Water Reading
    • Once your sump pump inspection has been approved and the transfer stamp form is submitted, the City will pull all of the current and forwarding address information to set up your final water reading. You do not need to call in to set this up.
    • Your final water reading will be done on the day of closing.
    • Your final bill will be sent to the forwarding address noted on the transfer stamps.
  4. Garbage 
    • As you know your garbage, sewer, and water are all on the same bill so there is nothing you need to do for this service.
    • The cans on the property must stay with the current address. Do not take the trash/recycling bins with you when you move.