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City of Elmhurst Invests in Solution for Flood Control and Parking

City of Elmhurst Invests in Solution for Flood Control and Parking

 The City of Elmhurst has announced its strategic investment in flood control and parking solutions with the recent purchase of two properties located at 316 and 322 W. Eggleston Avenue. The purchase marks a significant step in addressing both stormwater management challenges and public parking needs in the Spring Road Business District area.

Both properties will allow the city to install stormwater detention with an underground capacity of nearly 10 acre-feet which will mitigate flooding risk in this area. This capacity will provide protection against a 100-year level storm, leading to a proactive approach in safeguarding Elmhurst residents and businesses in this area from the effects of major stormwater flooding. 

The acquired properties will also be utilized to address the pressing needs for public parking in the Spring Road Business District area. Successful business growth in this area has resulted in the need for additional parking. The City will create approximately 48 new public parking spots adjacent to an existing public parking lot, effectively meeting the growing demand for parking in the area. 

 “The Spring Road Business District has been growing rapidly over the last decade,” States Mayor Scott Levin. “I’m glad we’ve found a solution to help our business community while simultaneously addressing the stormwater management challenges of this area. I give credit to our city council in their decision to address these pressing needs which demonstrate our commitment to community growth and well-being.”

As part pf the City’s long-term stormwater capital planning, this project is anticipated to begin in design phases starting in 2025 with construction completing in 2027. Currently the design and construction are anticipated to cost approximately $6.5 million, of which the City has secured $2 million in grant funding and continues to pursue further grant opportunities.  Through these investments, the City of Elmhurst remains committed to addressing stormwater management challenges and parking shortages.