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  1. Contact/Information Request - All Elected Officials
  2. Contact/Information Request Economic Development
  3. Employee Address Change Notification Form

    Notify your immediate supervisor when your address changes and make the change on the Employee Self Serve ESS portal. Payroll will... More…

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  4. Intranet Contact/Information Request
  1. Contact/Information Request - Elected Officials
  2. Elmhurst Businesses We Want to Hear from You

    The City of Elmhurst and the Elmhurst Economic Development Commission are working to collect data from local businesses to assist the... More…

  3. ESS Contact Form

Economic Development

  1. Dashing Through Elmhurst

    It’s time to dash through Elmhurst this holiday season with our new shop local campaign! Find our “Dashing through Elmhurst” reindeer... More…

  2. Elmhurst Loves Locak Contest
  1. Elmhurst Business Newsletter Contact List


  1. ElmhurstTV Broadcast Request Form

    Please complete the following and submit to the City of Elmhurst for consideration. Please note: Broadcasting a program on ElmhurstTV... More…

  1. Request Form for ElmhurstTV Programming Services

    Please complete the following and submit to the City of Elmhurst for consideration. Please note: Programming is only considered if the... More…


  1. City of Elmhurst Vendor Questionnaire

    Pursuant to Public Act 102-0265, the City of Elmhurst is required to make a good faith effort to collect and electronically publish... More…

Fire Department

  1. 2023 Bike Ride & Safety Day

    Please join us for BIKE RIDE & SAFETY DAY! Bike safety is an important issue in Elmhurst. Biking is a great family outdoor... More…

  2. Save Our Pets Program

    Keep your pets safe in the event of an emergency! The Elmhurst Fire Department is encouraging all pet owners to participate in the... More…

  1. Adopt - A - Fire Hydrant Program
  2. Sparky’s Elmhurst Fire Safety Club

    The Elmhurst Fire Department invites all kids (up to 10 years old) who reside in Elmhurst to become members of Sparky’s Elmhurst Fire... More…



    Freedom of Information Request for Public Records

Human Resources

  1. Onboarding Questionnaire

    Welcome to the City of Elmhurst! Please help us get to know you by letting us know a few of your favorite things!

  1. Work Anniversary Questionnaire

    Thank you for your continued dedication and great work for the City of Elmhurst! We appreciate and value your employment with us.... More…

Online Payment

  1. Parking Permit Application - Test Do Not Use

    2020 Parking Permit Application - Test Do Not Use