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1. What are the sirens I hear once a month on Tuesday mornings around 10:00 am?
2. We recently had a fire in our home. What do we do next?
3. We recently bought an outdoor fireplace or burn pit. Do I need a permit?
4. We'd like to have a fire truck at our block party. How do I arrange this?
5. How do I make an appointment to have a technician inspect our child car seat to make sure it is installed properly?
6. I would like to get a copy of my fire or ambulance report. Who do I call?
7. Who do I speak to regarding my ambulance bill?
8. My Carbon Monoxide detector is beeping. What do I do now?
9. I would like to arrange a station tour for a group visit. How can I do this?
10. How do I adopt a fire hydrant?