Production & Treatment is responsible for what services?

Services to the public include the sampling of the potable water supply to satisfy the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. This sampling involves various bacteriological, mineral, metal, and organics sampling of the public water supply. 

The Division is also responsible for receiving and treating Lake Michigan water from the DuPage Water Commission, then repumping that water to the Elmhurst water distribution system to satisfy the demands and maintain system pressures. 

The Division is also responsible for the operation and maintenance of eight (8) stormwater pumping stations and five (5) retention reservoirs. This involves equipment and facilities capable of pumping in excess of 550 million gallons per day of stormwater either directly to Salt Creek or to various water retention reservoirs located throughout the City. The tasks of the division also include overseeing and design of the upgrades to the storm water pumping system as outlined by the goals set after the 1987 flooding. 

The Division responsibilities continue with the operation and maintenance of the sanitary lift stations and Wastewater Treatment Plant. The City operates ten (10)  sanitary lift stations to collect and convey wastewater from various areas within the City and transport it to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Plant itself has a capability of pumping 79 million gallons per day and is operated under a permit from the Illinois EPA. The permit places restrictions on the plant and requires a level of quality for the treated wastewater before it is discharged to Salt Creek.

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1. Production & Treatment is responsible for what services?
2. How many people work in this division?
3. How is the division regulated?
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5. What is the source of water for the public water supply?