What does this include?
Tree trimming, tree removal, and tree maintenance. Dutch Elm Disease control, tree planting, landscaping parkway restoration, grounds maintenance, mowing, waste wood recycling, stump removal, creek log jam clearance, etc.

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1. Does the City have a brush pick-up program?
2. Does the City recycle any of the wood waste material?
3. What is the scope of the work done by the Forestry Division?
4. What does this include?
5. How many parkway trees are there in Elmhurst?
6. How many species?
7. Does the City have a tree planting program?
8. How many trees are planted annually?
9. Who bears the cost of the tree planting?
10. How many parkway trees are removed annually?
11. What percent of these losses is due to Dutch Elm Disease?
12. How many trees are trimmed annually?