What is the scope of work done by Street Division?

This division is responsible for routine roadway maintenance such as pothole repairs, patching, and crack filing, correction of trip hazards, repair of storm drains, sign and pavement marking installation, street sweeping, providing block party barricades, maintenance of street furniture in the Central Business District, and response to heavy rain and snow events on City owned roadways and parking lots.

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1. Does the Street Division provide barricades for block parties?
2. What is the scope of work done by Street Division?
3. How many miles of streets are in Elmhurst?
4. What is the general condition of streets in Elmhurst?
5. How often is resurfacing done?
6. How many potholes are filled annually?
7. What is the purpose of sealing cracks in pavement?
8. What is the purpose of applying rejuvenating agents and sealcoats to asphalt pavement?
9. How many asphalt street patches are done annually?
10. When are the residential streets swept?
11. How often are the Business District's swept?