How is the division regulated?
The Division is regulated by several USEPA and Illinois EPA regulations in both the potable water supply and the wastewater treatment arenas. Illinois EPA in conjunction with Illinois Department of Public Health monitor the quality of water sold to the customers of Elmhurst. The Division is responsible for a variety of water quality tests that are performed on an almost daily basis with results sent to Illinois EPA monthly. The Wastewater Treatment Plant is also regulated by Illinois EPA and USEPA and is monitored closely by both onsite inspections and regular monthly reports on the quality of waters discharged to Salt Creek and by-products of the wastewater treatment process.

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1. Production & Treatment is responsible for what services?
2. How many people work in this division?
3. How is the division regulated?
4. What are the capabilities of the individual systems at Elmhurst?
5. What is the source of water for the public water supply?