Veterans Memorial Commission


  • Initial term - 3 1-year, 3 2-years, 3 3-years
  • Nine appointed members, five members are honorably discharged veterans of the armed forces or spouses
  • Council consent needed


As needed


MCO 4.10
The Commission shall be responsible for the following:
  • Perpetual maintenance and oversight of the Veterans Memorial
  • Providing for property damage insurance coverage for the Veterans Memorial
  • Coordination of activities at the Veterans Memorial
  • Recommending and participating in fund-raising activities to fund the duties of the Commission as set forth herein through the Veterans Memorial Account established by subsection (f) hereof
  • Such other duties as the City Council may direct

The Commission shall consist of nine members appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council. The initial appointments on the Commission shall be for terms as follows: three for one year; three for two years and three for three years. Thereafter, all terms shall be for three years commencing on the expiration of existing terms. All terms shall expire on April 30 of the last year of the individual member’s term. There shall be one member appointed from each of the following organizations:
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Post Number 2048 Walter A. Glos
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars Post Number 2048 Walter A. Glos Auxiliary
  • American Legion Post Number T.H.B. #187
  • American Legion Post Number T.H.B. #187 Auxiliary
  • City of Elmhurst
  • Elmhurst Park District
  • Unit School District 205

Of the remaining members, one shall be a clergyman selected from a church, synagogue, or temple located within the corporate limits of the city and one shall be a resident of the city not associated with any of the foregoing entities. Not less than five members shall be honorably discharged veterans of the armed forces of the United States or spouses of such veterans.


Term Expires
Home Phone
Ralph P. Pechanio, Chair 4-30-2022
(630) 834-6060
William R. Shanklin 4-30-2022
(630) 782-6022
Paul Tilton            4-30-2020
(630) 833-3978           
Rev Stanley Harding            4-30-2019
(630) 832-5445            
Mike Monell 4-30-2020 (847) 331-0095
Mark A. Mulliner (Ex-Officio)

Agendas and Minutes

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