Overnight Parking

Overnight Street Parking

Parking is prohibited on all City streets between the hours of 3:00 am and 6:00 am. If you have unusual circumstances, such as overnight guests or car trouble and need to leave a car on the street, permission to do so can be obtained by click on the following link:

                                                                               Overnight Parking Form


Overnight Off-Street Parking

If you need to park overnight in the City of Elmhurst, overnight passes for municipal parking can be purchased at City Hall for a $20 monthly fee. This permit will allow off-street overnight parking in any coin space or reserved permit lot from 12:00 midnight - 8:00 am. The car must be moved from the space by 8:00 am, unless the fee is paid or a reserved permit is displayed.

Cars displaying both permits must be moved within 72 hours to avoid violation of municipal code denying permit to store a vehicle within a City-owned lot.

Commercial vehicles, vehicles bearing a C class registration or higher, or any recreational vehicle are not permitted to park in municipal lots per ordinance.


For additional information, please contact the Finance Department at (630) 530-3117 or (630) 530-3118.