Utility Division

This division of public works is made up of two groups, the Production and Treatment division and the Distribution and Collection division. 

The Production and Treatment Division is responsible for the 20 million gallon per day (MGD) activated sludge wastewater treatment facility with 10 sanitary sewer liftstations and the 15.0 MG water production system which utilizes three large finished water reservoirs and three elevated storage tanks. This division is also responsible for the 18 storm water pumping stations and ancillary systems.

The Distribution and Collection Division manages 188 miles of potable water distribution main, 144 miles of the sanitary sewer collection system, and 133 miles of storm sewer collection system which includes more than 60 outfalls and flap gates discharging into local streams.   Additionally, the Division operates and maintains more than 15,000 residential/commercial water meters providing first‐class service through an average of 4,500 service calls is the past five years. This group is also responsible for the maintenance, calibration, and replacement of water meters throughout the City of Elmhurst.

Elmhurst Water Reclamation Facility

Elmhurst Wastewater Treatment Plant

Elmhurst Water Reclamation Facility The City of Elmhurst provides essential wastewater treatment services:

  • A 20 million gallon per day (MGD) activated sludge treatment facility with seventeen buildings on eighteen acres located along Route 83
  • Ten sanitary lift stations strategically located throughout the City
  • High level of quality control through analytical testing to manage treatment facilities and meet State and Federal regulatory requirements
  • Return clean water to Salt Creek (waters of the State)
  • Provide solids handling and disposal for biosolids
  • Manage quality assurance laboratory to provide operational control data and report to IEPA/USEPA

Sanitary Pumping Stations

  • Operate and maintain ten sanitary pumping stations designed to convey wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant
  • Operate sophisticated electrical controls designed to match discharge flows with incoming flows
  • Maintain backup power supplies and flow instrumentation for documentation

Storm Water Pumping Stations

  • Maintain and operate twelve stormwater pumping stations with a combined pumping capacity of greater than 500 million gallons per day
  • Maintain and operate four storm water reservoirs located throughout Elmhurst

Additional Services

  • Provide community recreational vehicle dump station
  • Community creek watch during storm and high creek levels
  • Monitor rainfall and groundwater records for emergency planning

Special Programs

Cost-Sharing Programs

Program Information

The City of Elmhurst provides financial assistance to residents who need to take certain preventive measures on their property. View the following information about the cost-sharing programs available to Elmhurst residents:

Sanitary Sewer Cost-Sharing Programs

These cost-sharing programs are designed to help repair and make changes to the existing sanitary sewer connections from your home to the City's sanitary sewer. For more information on these programs, contact the Building Department at (630) 530-3030.

Water Quality Report

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