FAQ of the week

Each week, we will feature a ’frequently asked question’ that we hear from our residents. We hope that you find this information useful and that this provides facts on topics that may cause confusion.



QUESTION: What steps should I take if I see a coyote in Elmhurst?

ANSWER: Coyote sightings, particularly in the springtime, have become predictable in DuPage County as human encroachment shrinks natural habitats. Do not be unduly alarmed if you should see a coyote but do exercise caution—especially with regard to young children and pets. Please be aware that removing food sources can be a factor in keeping coyotes away—if possible, keep garbage cans inside and do not leave small pets unattended outside. You should not assume that a coyote is aggressive simply by its presence; however, if you do see a coyote behaving aggressively, please call 9-1-1 to have an officer respond. For more information on coyote coexistence visit: www.coyotecoexistence.com

The Elmhurst Police Department has continued to field community concerns regarding coyote sightings in the residential area. To expedite a proactive response to this concern, the City has reached out to an Urban Coyote Specialist with a strong record of positive results in other metro-area communities.

To help the specialist better understand our coyote population and patterns, the community is being asked for their assistance. Residents who observe a coyote in their neighborhood are asked to go to http://scientificwildlifemanagement.com/report-a-sighting and report the sighting and condition of the animal. Residents who have questions about the online reporting process can contact the police department at 630-530-3050.


QUESTION: Is soliciting allowed in Elmhurst?

ANSWER: A permit to solicit door-to-door is required for any and all persons and organizations that wish to go upon any premises and use any manner that is calculated to attract the attention of an occupant or owner for the purpose of seeking to obtain orders or customers of any kind. If a “No Solicitor Invited” notice is displayed, the solicitor must immediately leave the premises. Any solicitor who has gained entrance to any residence, whether invited or not must immediately and peacefully depart from the premises when requested to do so. Residents can request a “No Solicitors Invited” decal from the City Clerk. Residents are encouraged to ask solicitors for their City issued badges with their names and information. If you have any concerns regarding any person soliciting in your neighborhood, please call 9-1-1 immediately with a detailed report.