City of Elmhurst Electric Aggregation Program FAQs

Is this a scam?

No, the City is continuing its Green Aggregation program with Chicago-based supplier Eligo Energy at exactly the ComEd rate. There is no added cost to residents or the City.

What do I need to do? You need do nothing; however, you may choose to opt out. Read your letter carefully as different letters are sent to different ratepayers:

1. “Green Aggregation Notice,” No action required; you will be enrolled unless you choose to opt out by returning the pre-paid card, calling 630-352-3470, or emailing

2. “Informative Only,” you will remain at ComEd, but are considered a participant in the program. No action required.

3. “Opt-In Notice,” you will remain with your current supplier in a private contract, but you may take action to enroll.

4. “Return to ComEd Service,” your account will return to ComEd service from previous aggregation supplier mc2. Your account will still be considered a part of the Green Aggregation program, but move to ComEd.

I thought electric aggregation was a savings program. Will I save money?

No, but you will never pay more than the ComEd rate. The City received competitive bids for a standard program, but all pricing was higher than ComEd.

Why should I participate if the rate is the same as the ComEd rate; what’s the benefit to me?

The City sought a program wherein residents would never pay a fixed rate above ComEd. The City will receive Green Renewable Energy, retaining its status as an EPA Green Power Community, and Eligo will provide an annual civic contribution of $161,839 to support local sustainability initiatives at no added cost to residents or the City. You are not obligated to participate and may seek any alternative supplier—you are advised to read all contract terms carefully.

Why did I get a different letter than my neighbor received; some stay at ComEd and some move to Eligo?

First, there is no difference to you: the price is the same for all. Suppliers analyze every meter; depending on historical usage patterns at peak demand periods, some accounts remain at ComEd and others move to Eligo. The City retires RECs to match 25% of your power consumption. It is your option for your account to be served wherever you wish; customer choice is the focus for all residents in Illinois!

Someone called my home to sign me up.

Beware! No one from ComEd, Eligo, or the City will ever call or visit you to sign you up. Never reveal your ComEd account information to solicitors who say they represent the City, ComEd, or Eligo.

Will this cost more money?

No, there are no fees to you or the City. The rate will always remain the ComEd rate.

More Questions?

Email Eligo at or call 630-352-3470, Mon -Fri, 8am to 6pm.

But I still have questions:

Our electric consultant will respond to your questions. Email or call 312-751-2202.

For more detail about aggregation, suppliers, and the ComEd rate, visit, a website established by the Illinois Commerce Commission for consumers to learn about power rates in Illinois.