Elmhurst Subarea Plans


The City of Elmhurst presented the draft “Elmhurst Subarea Plans” at City Hall, 209 N. York Street on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. 

The Elmhurst subarea plans will help direct improvements and investment for five key areas of the community. The vision for these areas will have a direct impact guiding decision-making in the future.  The plans will include recommendations for land use, transportation, infrastructure, character, and sense of place for each district.  The areas of focus are:

   • Lake Street, west of York Street;

   • The intersection of North Avenue and Route 83;

   • The block northwest of the intersection of First and York streets;

   • The blocks surrounding the intersection of York and Vallette streets; and

   • The district bounded by Butterfield Road, Roosevelt Road, and York Street.

The initial planning phases began in April 2017, with anticipated project completion this year. The subarea plans are community-driven, and their vision and policy recommendations are grounded in extensive community outreach. The final Elmhurst Subarea Plans will be approved by the Elmhurst Zoning and Planning Commission and City Council. Visit the project website, which can be accessed from the City’s website, https://www.elmhurst.org/1555/Elmhurst-Subarea-Plans, to stay updated on how you can continue to participate in the planning process!

ONLINE MAPPING TOOL In addition to attending the Visioning Workshop, everyone is encouraged to use the project online mapping to share ideas and provide input: https://map.social/Community.php?CommunityID=121 

STAY UPDATED THROUGH THE PROJECT WEBSITE Members of the public can also provide feedback about the Draft Elmhurst Subarea Plans by visiting the project website, here.