Grow Your Business

Close to Everything, Unlike Anything – Elmhurst offers more than an ideal location. Your business will thrive in the Elmhurst Community, supported by an active Economic Development Commission, the third largest Chamber of Commerce in DuPage County, and area business associations such as City Centre , Spring Road BA , and the York & Vallette BA who are joined together in the mission of promoting an environment that creates success for local businesses and our community. Whether you are starting a new business, relocating, expanding your operations, or have a change in ownership the Elmhurst Economic Development Team is here to assist you. Position your organization for success by finding a home in one of our many business districts. Visit our Available Properties Map to begin your search or contact our Business Development Coordinator at (630)530-6017 for additional site selection assistance.

Business Registration

Elmhurst requires all businesses located in commercial districts to register with the City Clerk’s Office. The complete conditions and regulations regarding obtaining a Business License / Registration are outlined in Chapter 31 of the City of Elmhurst Municipal Code.

Application for Business Registration (PDF)

Certificate of Occupancy

Prior to registering your business, you must first obtain a Certificate of Occupancy through Community Development Department. A Certificate of Occupancy is obtained after three inspections (building, plumbing, and fire) are completed and the application fee is paid.

Application for Certificate of Occupancy (PDF)

Obtaining a Liquor License

Liquor licenses are non-transferable and there are a finite number of liquor licenses available in various classifications. Applicants requiring a liquor license may seek Council approval to have an additional license added on their behalf.

Liquor License Application Process

Application for Liquor License (PDF)

Application for Background Check (PDF)