Engineering Division

This division is responsible for the design and/or review of plans for city construction projects, as well as construction supervision, inspection, and administration of all Public Works projects. Utility system records and city maps are maintained by this division. All utility locations requested by contractors or other Public Works divisions are provided by this division. This division also reviews and approves all site plans for private property development.

Cost-Sharing Programs

Program Information

The City of Elmhurst provides financial assistance to residents who need to take certain preventive measures on their property. View the following information about the cost-sharing programs available to Elmhurst residents:

Public Right-of-Way Concrete Cost-Sharing Programs

These cost-sharing programs are designed to add or repair existing concrete surfaces in the public right-of-way. For more information on these programs, contact the Public Works & Engineering Department at (630) 530-3020.

Stormwater Cost-Sharing Programs

Information on Stormwater cost-sharing programs are available on the City's Stormwater Management Website and by calling the Public Works & Engineering Department at (630) 530-3020. These programs include:
Some of these programs have a waiting list so be sure to call early.

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