One-Day Liquor License


Class D licenses shall authorize the retail sale of alcoholic liquor, only by bona fide social, fraternal or religious organizations, only special occasions and at locations as approved by the local liquor commissioner, and only for consumption on the premises described in the license. In addition, Class D licenses shall authorize the retail sale of wine and beer by the not-for-profit sponsor of the City Fair, all as set forth in Section 36.35 of the Elmhurst Municipal Code.

Please contact the Clerk's Office for the current One-Day Liquor License fee and for any additional questions (630)530-3015.
One Day License form

An original Certificate of Insurance must be supplied to the City of Elmhurst as a condition of issuance of this liquor license. The Certificate of Insurance must show limits of not less than $1 million for liquor liability coverage, unless a reduction of such coverage is authorized by the Liquor Commissioner. In the event liquor is to be served but not sold, a Certificate of Insurance showing comprehensive general liability coverage with host liquor liability coverage shall be supplied in lieu of the evidence of insurance for liquor liability coverage. The City of Elmhurst shall be listed as the certificate holder on all Certificates of Insurance. The Certificate of Insurance must cover those dates and times during which the liquor license will be in effect.