Applying for a New Liquor License

Applying for a new Liquor License is an extensive process that may take up to three months. There are a finite number of liquor licenses available in various different classifications.

Applicants must complete the Liquor License application(PDF) as well as the Background Check Application(PDF) and submit both to the City Clerk’s Office along with all background check fees to begin the liquor license process. The owners and liquor managers of the business are required to take part in a background check. This is an extensive background check and can take up to three months to complete. There is a non-refundable fee of $600 / person for the background check.

Along with the aforementioned applications, interested parties must submit a letter to the City Manager and request that an additional liquor license be added to the Municipal Code in the classification category which best suits their business, as well as submit their business and floor plans for review.

Review Process
The City Manager will refer the request to the Public Affairs and Safety Committee at the next City Council meeting.

The Public Affairs and Safety Committee will invite the applicant to come before them and present their business plan. The Committee then forwards their recommendation to the entire Council on whether or not to add another liquor license for said business.

The full City Council then votes on the Committee report. If the Committee report is approved, at their next Council meeting, the full City Council will vote on an ordinance increasing the number of liquor licenses in the appropriate classification.

After completion of the background check, the results of the background check and the liquor license application are forwarded to the Mayor. The Mayor serves as the Liquor Commissioner for the City and is the final authority in the approval process for a liquor applicant.

Once the Mayor signs his approval to the background check and application, the application is returned to the City Clerk to attest and the Liquor License is issued.