Sidewalk Cost Sharing Program

Existing Sidewalks:

What is the Cost-Share?

The shared cost for replacement of unsafe existing sidewalk squares is approximately 50/50. The City assumes the entire cost when sidewalk squares are damaged by parkway tree roots and whenever work is adjacent to a corner where handicapped ramps are installed.

What Does the Program Provide?

This program provides for replacement of existing sidewalks that may pose a safety hazard. It also provides for construction of new sidewalk on property side yards for the residents with corner properties.

Additionally, owners can elect for the City to replace other sidewalk squares that may not pose a safety threat but that the owner would like replaced for non-safety reasons. These replacements will be done at the cost of the owner.

New Sidewalks (no current sidewalks):

What is the Cost-Share for New Sidewalk installation?

In 2012, City Council approved a 50/50 cost share between the City and the property owners for installation of new sidewalks on full blocks where none currently exist. A “block” is defined as one side of a street. Unusual block configurations will require staff review and approval. In areas where it has been determined by the procedure below that sidewalks will be constructed, a Special Service Area (SSA) will be established to support financing for the project. The City will advance 100% of the project cost. The City will over an appropriate period of time be reimbursed for 50% of the project cost by the residents through an SSA via the County collecting the appropriate property tax over that time period based upon assessed value of each lot affected. The Public Works and Buildings Committee and Elmhurst City Council will select and approve the appropriate period of time but in no case shall that period of time be greater than ten years. Additionally, the City would be reimbursed for any interest that the City would forego by providing the “up-front” payment for the project.

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