Elmhurst Subarea Plans

The City of Elmhurst is excited to begin the process to update the Elmhurst Sub-area Plans, and is looking for input from residents, community stakeholders, businesses and property owners, and other interested members of the community. A Visioning Workshop will be held on August 29 from 7-9 pm at City Hall.

WHAT ARE THE ELMHURST SUB-AREA PLANS? The Elmhurst Sub-area Plans will serve as updates to the sub-area plans found in the City’s 2009 Comprehensive Plan. The Elmhurst Sub-area Plans will include the following areas:

  • York & Vallette Business District
  • Lake Street Corridor
  • First Street & York Street Block Redevelopment
  • Yorkfield Area
  • North Avenue & Route 83

Although the sub-area plans range in scale and level of detail, each sub-area plan will include recommendations on land use and development; circulation, mobility, and parking; and public and private urban design elements.

SUB-AREA VISIONING WORKSHOP, AUGUST 29 from 7-9 PM at CITY HALL: To help ensure that Elmhurst continues to be a vibrant, competitive community, the City will be requesting comments and input on the Elmhurst Sub-area Plans from residents, the business community, developers, and others who have a vested interest in the City’s future. Everyone is invited to attend and provide feedback as the City works with planning consultants at Houseal Lavigne Associates to develop policies and recommendations for the Elmhurst Sub-area Plans. This visioning exercise will encourage stakeholders to address sub-area components related to land use, development, access, mobility, and urban design. Be sure to check the City’s website or visit the Elmhurst Sub-area Plans project website for details on the Sub-area Visioning Workshop.

ONLINE MAPPING TOOL In addition to attending the Visioning Workshop, everyone is encouraged to use the project online mapping to share ideas and provide input: https://map.social/Community.php?CommunityID=121 

STAY UPDATED THROUGH THE PROJECT WEBSITE Members of the public can also provide feedback about the Draft Elmhurst Subarea Plans by visiting the project website, here.