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  1. Elmhurst Public Art Commission

    Seeking Volunteers for Public Arts Commission

    The City is seeking volunteers for the recently established Public Arts Commission. The Elmhurst Public Arts Commission is charged with implementing a citywide plan for the promotion and thoughtful placement of public art that includes, but is not limited to, sculptures, murals, and paintings. The Commission will work to utilize public art to improve the business climate and aesthetic appeal of the city. The Commission will consist of nine members including a designated chair and vice chair. The application deadline in July 31, 2018. 



    Online Overnight Parking Requests

    To request overnight parking permission and avoid a citation, residents and visitors can use the online request form, which can be accessed through www.elmhurst.org/overnightparking .

  3. sump pump inspection appointments

    Starting July 16th...

    Make your Sump Pump Inspection Appointments for Inflow and Infiltration Reimbursement Program. Read more...