Business Incentives

Elmhurst has a longstanding history of public/private cooperation at all levels but particularly in the retail and industrial real estate sectors. The Economic Development Team works fervently with new and expanding businesses to create a higher standard of living for those who live, work, and do business in Elmhurst. Incentives are an investment in the future economic well being of a company and the Elmhurst community as a whole.  Elmhurst offers an array of incentive programs for new and expanding businesses.

Elmhurst’s Economic Development Team proffers the following tools for your business success: TIF Districts and Sales Tax Incentives. These programs are designed to assist a wide selection of qualifying companies in various stages of their economic growth and as such, a return on investment through jobs, tax revenue, community cooperation, and capital investment is expected.

The following programs serve as powerful tools to spur economic growth:

TIF Incentives

Elmhurst has four designated TIF Districts. Property Tax revenues generated by improvements in designated TIF areas can be invested back into the district for use in land acquisition, site preparation, building rehabilitation, public improvements and to help you get your business off the ground. Through our comprehensive TIF Incentive program, Elmhurst provides redevelopment assistance for eligible projects to support property improvement and building activities, including acquisition, architectural design, demolition, engineering, infrastructure, interior remodeling, planning, signage, and site work. TIF funds can also be used by property owners and businesses to make needed improvements consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan.
TIF Incentive Policy(PDF)
TIF Incentive Application(PDF)
TIF District Map (PDF)

Sales Tax Incentives

Attracting, retaining, or expanding businesses for the purpose of improving the City’s economic base is the key criteria to qualify for a Sales Tax incentive. The City of Elmhurst will consider using sales tax incentives to assist private developments in those circumstances in which the proposed private projects show that significant amounts of sales tax revenue and economic activity will be realized. Sales tax assistance will not be provided to projects that have the financial feasibility (as determined by the City) to proceed without the benefit of the assistance.

Sales Tax Incentive Policy(PDF)
Sales Tax Incentive Application(PDF)